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The Gwendoline Armbinder / Monoglove - Lacing & Zippered Order

A custom sized piece of leather bondage equipment. Made using a soft yet strong garment leather. The Armbinder is constructed as a perfect and tight fit and can be sized even if your arms don't touch yet.

Your measurements are used to determine its exact size - made to order.

Options Available:

Colours: Black, Red, White, Royal Blue
Closure: Boot Lace and Eyelets or Heavy Duty Zipper
Shape: Open hand or fully closed version (Lacing Only)
Finger Ring: No ring, basic (material) ring, reinforced ring

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Follow instructions on SIZING page for correct measurements


In Stock - Order Now!! - June 2017

Colour Matched Buckling Straps Order

Straps made in a series of different lengths, and colour matched to other products such as gags and the Armbinder. Use them on the Armbinder, or use them by themselves to bind your plaything up with.

The straps come with the option of either a standard buckle with buckling eyelets, or a locking buckle version without eyelets.

Options Available:

Sizes: 16", 22", 28", 36", 45"
Buckle Option: Regular Buckle, Locking Buckle (requires small pad lock)
Eyelets: Between 8 and 12 (Regular Buckling version only)
Colours: Black, Red, White, Royal Blue


In Stock - Order Now!! - June 2017

GAGS! - Trainer Gag / Single Strap Gag / Locking Gags / Ring Gags Order

The straps can either be conventional black leather strips, or special garment leather strips made from the same material as the Armbinders for an exact colour match.

Buckles can be either standard with eyelets, or locking buckles. Your choice of ball colour and size on each gag, or a ring gag option instead.

Options Available:

Colour: Leather Black, Garment Black, Red, White, Royal Blue
Buckle Option: Regular Buckle (with eyelets), Locking Buckle (No eyelets)
Ball Size: 1 3/4", 2", 2 1/4", 2 1/2"
Ball Colour: Red, White, Black


In Stock - Order Now!! - June 2017

Full Body Buckling Bondage Harness Order

A Full Body leather strap Bondage Harness with Locking Buckles.

Also sometimes referred to as a "5" point harness. The straps are secured around the body and between the legs, then across the body above and below the breasts, and around the waist. Each buckle can be locked with a small padlock. The straps can either go around the body, or over the arms as well such as if the Armbinder is used.

Options Available: (Including the Free Muzzle Gag!)

Colour: Black or a very sexy White
Buckle Option: Regular Buckles, Locking Buckles


In Stock - Order Now!! - June 2017

Arm Cuffs - Regular & Locking Order

Leather buckling cuffs for use on arms or legs.

This is a variation on the conventional leather cuff. These units are a single cuff, with a loop either side. When buckled up tightly, the two limbs secured will be tight against each other. When used at the elbows, it can result in some very effective elbow bondage with the arms touching. The cuffs come with either regular buckles, or locking buckles for that extra little bit of fun, and come in three colours and various sizes.

Options Available:

Cuff Size: Variable
Strap Colour: Black, White, Blue
Buckle Option: Regular Buckles, Locking Buckles


In Stock - Order Now!! - June 2017.

Harness Suspension Strap Order

A special little product we have been working on.

The heavy duty leather straps and buckles can be used to suspend a person in a most evil way. The strap first goes around the waist like a belt, then secured tightly. The central strap then runs down between the legs and behind the subject, and then can be secured to hoisting equipment. When used in conjunction with suspension cuffs the subject can be suspended in a most interesting way.

Options Available:

Strap Length: Variable
Strap Colour: Black Only

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June 2017

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