Images of the Armbinder being worn.
Zippered Armbinder images are towards the bottom of the page.


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This shows the Armbinder fully laced and strapped up. Notice how the top of the Armbinder is fully closed. The Armbinder changes in shape to perfectly match the changing contours and shape of the arms providing a perfect "glove like" fit.
The "Y" strap can be clearly see here, showing how the supports straps are held against the body, differing from the conventional across the chest method of other Armbinders A tight fit is maintained down the entire length of her arms, thanks to very precise measurements and cutting of the leather.
The garment leather is very soft yet very strong. The model was asked to do her best to "break out" of the binder in order to test its stitching and the strength of the leather. She was unsuccessful. :-) Lacing provides a neat and perfect finish to the Armbinder, while also allowing for adjustment of the fit at the arms become used to be held close together.
The Armbinder form fits to the arms, binding her elbows together tightly. Also seen here are the straps around her shoulders. A close-up view of the "Y" strap. This strap also has the riveted on "D" ring for attachment to a neck collar for example. This provides extra protection against being able to wriggle free. The leather used is stronger yet just as comfortable to wear.
The front view showing the support straps going over the arms rather than across the chest, providing a "cleaner" yet still just as secure fit. This is the Armbinder in the white option, ready for initial wearing and testing.
Once again, a very tight fit, form fitting all the way down her arms, with the standard strapping around the shoulders. Her elbows are pulled together and touching behind her back.
As can be seen the Armbinder looks much better than the usual "baggy" one size fits all models that are mass produced.. The Armbinder is fully closed along its full length. There is no bagginess that you normally see in Armbinders. The Garment leather is tight all over the arms from top to bottom.
The 'Y' strap arrangement gives a much cleaner look to the top of the Armbinder. it also has the 'D' securing ring for attachment to a collar of gag. The height of the 'Y' strap is adjustable depending on the length of the shoulder straps and at what point it buckles onto the Armbinder.
The arms are drawn tightly together making the position completely inescapable. The only place there is any space is the hand section, and even here there is very little movement. The special reinforced finger ring can also be seen here at the tip. This is fully stitched in making it impossible to rip out.
The is the blue option Armbinder pictured here, also showing the soon to be released matching locking blue collar. The Zippered Armbinder being worn. The zip runs all the way to the top and the Armbinder is fully closed with the elbows touching.
Like the Lacing version, the Armbinder is tight and flush against the arms with no baggyness. Elbows are tight together. The heavy duty zip with all metal construction can easily handle the stresses of the Armbinder and the tension of holding the arms together.
The Zippered Armbinders can have the same finger ring options as the Lacing version. Notice please the extensive stitching to increase strength. The Zippered closure end in a very neat end point that is fully reinforced and designed not to pull apart or distort with use..