Information & FAQ's


Configuration options for Armbinder:

The original version of these Monoglove Armbinders has a "D" ring at the finger tip of the glove. It was a great idea if you wanted to force your poor submissive into a strappado position or hogtie, but unfortunately there was no strength in it, and I have had a sub rip this ring off on several occasions almost ruining the Armbinder. So with my version, there will be three options regarding this:

* Standard has no "D" ring on the end of the glove.

* Basic Finger Ring is like the original Armbinders, but like the original it isn't very strong and can be easily ripped out if pulled on too hard damaging the binder.

* Reinforced Finger Ring has internal strapping making the "D" ring secured to the internal lining of the glove in the same way the shoulder straps are attached, thus making it very strong and able to take full strain such as if the glove were to be used in a Strappado position or to achieve a Hogtie.


Select your colour:

The Armbinder natural colour is in Black. For a small additional charge they will also come in different colours.

The Monoglove Armbinder is available in:

Black Leather

Red Leather

White Leather

Royal Blue Leather


People who buy more than one Armbinder:

A discount applies to any additional Armbinders that you purchase that are the same size, regardless of if they are a different colour, and regardless of whether you buy the additional Armbinders now or at some time in the future. This means that if you buy a Black Armbinder for your sub now, you can purchase a White, Red, or Blue Armbinder at a later date to the exact same size and a discounted rate. We can offer this discount because part of the manufacturing process is to create a correct template for the construction of the Armbinder. We keep these templates, so any addition Armbinders can be manufactured at a later time more quickly and with less work.


Order time and delivery for products:

Orders for Armbinders take between 4-6 weeks to manufacture to your specifications, with duration depending on colour selected and your various options requested. Other equipment is made to order, usually taking between 5-10 days before shipment. Once we receive your order for any product, you will receive an automated receipt email indicating your order has been received. We will also personally contact you by email if there are any issues concerning your order, sizing, or any possible delays. If we find any of the figures supplied for custom equipment to be a little strange we will let you know if you need to re-measure. Once manufacture is complete we will notify you that we are ready to ship. Depending on your location, and how quickly your local customs operates the package will take between 5-20 business days to arrive. (North America & Western Europe is normally about 5-10 days). Orders below 150 are sent using Registered Post with limited tracking. Packages above 150 will be sent by International Courier with full tracking. Armbinders are always sent with this option. If for ANY reason there is going to be a delay, we will immediately notify you and offer you the option to cancel the order and receive a full refund.


Please be aware that some countries have import duty / taxes!!


However, the declared value of the product will be kept low so as to minimize or eliminate any costs occurring.

If the item arrives damaged you MUST contact us immediately, as well as the courier company who has delivered it to ensure you will be covered by insurance.

All Packages are sent in plain wrap, with no identifying information on the package or Customs declaration, and a suitably vague contents description.