Instructions for custom sizing:

To place your order, you will require the following three details:

Sizing Information:

*** These Monoglove Armbinder's are hand made to your exact sizing ***

Follow the chart at the bottom of the page. There will be 6 measurements to be taken, numbered from A to F. Measurements can be taken in either Metric or Imperial, but make sure it is consistent. For example, if all the A=F sizes are in Metric, don't then give a height and weight in Imperial.  Enter these figures in the "Sizing Information" box on the order page, with the first letter being either "M" for Metric or "I" for Imperial. If you have any questions regarding getting the sizes right, send an email to the address at the bottom of this page. You will also need to provide height and weight. So an entry may appear like this:

I A=17.5 B=14 C=9 D=10 E=10 F=7.5 Weight=121 Height=5'4"


M A=42.5 B=34.5 C=22.0 D=24.5 E=24.5 F=18.5 Weight=55 Height=162

Both these entries say the same measurement, one in Imperial, one in Metric. You choose whichever measurement you are comfortable with.

VERY IMPORTANT! Don't make the figures smaller than they are in order to make the binder tighter. I will be reducing the figures myself to allow for stretch in the leather, so if you also reduce the figure the binder simply won't fit. It is ESSENTIAL that the figures provided be completely accurate.


To achieve the correct measurements:

1. Bind your submissive very tightly, both their elbows and wrists. Their elbows need to be touching together. If you can't achieve this using rope, try using a wide belt. Hands should be palm to palm.

2. Starting with measurement "B", measure all the way around their arms at their elbows. Don't do this above the rope/belt - you need to tell me what the circumference is around just their arms.

3. Now measure up their arms 3 inches or 8 cm from the "B" line (their elbows). This will be where the top of the binder is. Measure around their arms again for the upper circumference figure "A".

4. Now measure around their wrists. This will be figure "C". Get this figure at the most narrow part of the wrist, right where their arms are smallest, but before their hands widen out. The hand picture above shows where to aim. Remember, this is around BOTH WRISTS TOGHETHER.

5. Now measure around the widest part of the hands. This is measurement "D" It's where the thumb knuckle is. Both hands should be straight out and pointing down, palm to palm. Measure around both hands together.

6. Now measure straight down in a line from their elbows to their wrists. This is measurement "E" and defines the length of the Armbinder. Remember, this is from the elbows - there will still be 3 inches above the elbows automatically.

7. Now measure from the wrists straight down to the tip of the longest finger. This will be measurement "F" and define the size of the glove portion of the Armbinder.

8. The final measurement needed is their "HEIGHT" and "WEIGHT" - this helps to make sure the measurements taken above are all correct.

Now that is all done, you should have a bunch of figures formatted like this:

I A=17.5 B=14 C=9 D=10 E=10 F=7.5 Weight=121 Height=5'4"

Hit continue to take you to the order page and make your selections.